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About Us

Radiant Baby is committed to helping infants in need. In 2006, Dr. BonnieJean Butler heard about a program providing essential items to needy babies for the month of April. She wondered how these infants get what they need during the rest of the year, and started Radiant Baby.

We donate dozens of baby baskets each month to low income moms and those in need through support agencies. More than 20 newborn babies each month benefit from these baskets.

Why are they called "Baby Baskets?" In the first few months of this program, the baby items were all placed in a basket and delivered to the infants. Now the baby items are packed in a diaper bag to provide yet another gift.

Diaper bag filled with:

  • Baby blanket
  • Package of wipes
  • 4 Baby Bottles
  • 4 Current size one-sies
  • 3-4 Next size one-sies
  • Baby tooth brush
  • Baby booties
  • Baby socks
  • Diaper Cream
  • 3 Baby Bibs
  • Pacifiers

To help needy or low income families by giving essential items to their newborn Radiant Baby.

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